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Democratic Party totally lost in space

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    There was an discussion om MSNBC about "actions" of the DNC. However it became very clear that they are either too dumb or reluctant to aggressively attack the GOP and Trump. For instance the question came forward on how the GOP obstructed everything Obama put forward including the nominee for the Supreme Court. The panel answered no we actually haven't learned to obstruct the same way as the GOP we just only try to stick to the Constitution. Sure that will help while the GOP bends the Constitution their way. It is time the DNC gets an backbone and an fighter mentality.

    In the past I said on this site; the "sweet" and be "nice" and follow the "rules" time is long gone; an nice sweet "tea" lady like Clinton does not fit this "nasty" GOP environment anymore; and I was right; Jared did not like me for that.

    I'm afraid that in 2018 the Dem's are still busy picking up the pieces and still refuse to accept that you have to fight fire with fire.

    Now the people in the protest groups have to do the fighting for them; don't they have any guts or shame in the DNC.?

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    Spot on Dutch.

    Democrats have been pussyfooting around, scared of their own shadow for decades.

    Democratic politics have been pulled in the so-called 'safe' direction of the Third Way to disastrous consequences.

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    I agree as well. As a party we have no leadership or direction. That's why I am interested in others calling for new blood to pick up the torch and aggressively challenge everything. Nancy Pelosi is a joke. Chuck Schumer has good intentions but he's ineffective on a good day. We need youth and intelligence that won't blink when seriously challenging their opponents.
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    The support of Hillary by leading Republicans says all there is to say about the Democratic Party. On a larger scale look at Democratic support for Hillary over Bernie. Additionally lower class support has been eroded and legislated away while at the same time the opposite was applied to the upper classes. All under Democratic Presidents.
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    Compare Clinton's Welfare Reform to Clinton's Commodities Futures Modernization Act.
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    Bill Clinton: Hillary 'couldn't prevail' against FBI and Russia hacking
    By NOLAN D. MCCASKILL 12/19/16

    terror power rules the US. All are silent when the traitor was revealed to collaborate with foreign power.

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    The Democrat party is run by the billionaire new world order people. They long ago forgot about regular people. Hillary was a poor choice for a candidate. The whole super delegate thing is an obvious way to fix their primary. They turned their backs on progressives and ran out their agenda that was very conservative. How the hell did they expect people to vote form that ? 80% of the American people want medicare for all. She would have won easily had she supported that. But that is exactly how they keep Americans enslaved. If we could all buy into medical are it would be cheap and entrepeneurship would flourish. As it is ,the only way you can get health insurance is if you work for a corporation or the government. I know lawyers who don't have health insurance.

    Bernie talked about medicare that is why he was so popular and he is still talking about it. He has been fighting , where has Hillary been? Will the republicans throw us all under the bus now? It will be disastrous if they do. The reason for the ACA is twofold. Number one it is to get poor people into see a medical practitioner for preventive reasons. We must work to educate people and prevent diabetes , heart disease etc. Its way cheaper to prevent than to treat these diseases. The second reason is to prop up a business model that does not work for profit health care has failed. It's does not work. These insurance colorations re holding us and our entire health care system hostage. They are responsible for archaic rules . They are writing these laws that limit your rights. The American Legal Exchange Counsel is a criminal organization and should be outlawed under RICO statutes. They conspire to strip us of our rights. They write our laws in favor of corporations. They are the reason for citizens united. The mechanism invented by the NWO to completely take over our government. They write our laws ,the only thing that politicians do run for office and fund raise and vote how they are told to vote. Both parties are nothing but puppets of these corporate monsters. If we did not have to be slaves to the corporations we could be free.

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    Maindawg, Good stuff. Welcome to the D Hub. Hope you visit and contribute often. I agree with your comments. Hopefully we can get from here to there in the near future.
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    Thank you . I was a democrat all my life . I was a member of the Democrat underground. But they banned me for being a Bernie Sanders supporter. They are just a website ,just a forum like this. I never violated a rule . But this is what they are doing. They are turning their backs on half their party. Literally telling progressive voters who demand a voice to hit the road. The Democrat party is fractured and I think a new progressive party could be very exiting. I see candidates months people collecting 27 dollar donations and earning fully half the electorate leaving the to criminal parties in small minorities. Let the club's have their 23% the democrats can have 25% . That is fine.

    It's now time for a new revolution. Unless the democrats wake up they are in for a rough time. People are tird of their third way. The third way is just Republican lite. Hillary's platform was very conservative.

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    Yes I agree. I was also more inclined to vote for Bernie, because he at least had some European idea's about healthcare and education. Hillary only in the end kind of adopted some of his idea's but not with very much enthousiasm.
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    Maindawg -- Yes you will find much to like here...many Bernie supporters, but I am one of the few Hillary supporters. It's not that I was against anything Bernie had to say. It's just that as a pragmatist, I saw Hillary's proposals more achievable in this political world where half the people are against and half are for anything. I'm an incrementalist...that is I think it is absolutely necessary to make compromises to make any progress. That means giving up a little on one issue to get something you value more on another issue.

    I do not like or would not vote for any politician who says he/she is going to go to Washington with the claim, "No Compromises". The Tea Party said it often, but many liberals on the left are also saying the same thing. I've used the Dr. Seuss metaphor of his children's poem, The North Going Zax and The South Going Zax, to describe how that mentality carried to the extreme will result in progress passing us by.

    The other thing I hated was my fellow liberals crying "Obama promised" whenever he had to give up something to get something else. Some later called Obama the "lesser of two evils" when he couldn't get everything done that they wanted. They totally ignored the obstructionism of the Party of No in Obama's attempt to create jobs.

    Hillary did not want to fall into that trap...promising something on the campaign trail that she knew in her heart would be nearly impossible to deliver. It probably cost her the election.

    Anyway, we share many of the same ideological views, but I am not an ideologue. I call myself a realist. Hence my views are often challenged on this website and that is good for the dialogue. I have thick skin.

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    The above 200 sentences (on my phone) is why I visit this page daily. Good people with great ideas. Our new member and 2 dozen soon to be members (hopefully) can add to the dialogue of where we are heading and how to get there most promptly. We are fragmented but with a common goal.

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    I saw last night the 8 people running for "heading/running" the DNC .Sorry to say that I was not impressed at all. No one came up with an"real" answer for an positive "'platform" or party reform. Thus the people on the street absolutely have not the feeling that the Dem's are helping them. If this is all the "talent" the Dem's have it is "deplorable" indeed.
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    Democrats have a problem similar to that of the Republicans, that is the various factions in the party demand purity to their ideological beliefs.

    Buzzfeed news: Bernie Sanders Keeps Quiet On His Supporters’ Plans To Primary Democrats

    "The latest project from the staffers and activists who worked on Bernie Sanders’ 2016 campaign, #WeWillReplaceYou, presents Democratic lawmakers with a stark choice: oppose Donald Trump at every turn, or face a primary challenger who will."

    “We think that it’s time for Democrats to start seriously considering impeachment,” said Sandberg, who served as digital organizing director on the Sanders campaign. “If that takes shape, we’ll want to see Democrats across the board support it.”

    “There’s no middle ground anymore. This is a moment of black or white,” said another co-founder, Jessica Pierce, an organizer based in North Carolina."

    The problem is Senator Sanders himself does not pass their purity test having voted for three of Trump's cabinet picks. And he has not yet said whether he will support the organization.

    I personally don't see where this does much good. Extremism in any form doesn't belong in government.

    My view -- of course always subject to debate.

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    Schmidt Wrote: I personally don't see where this does much good. Extremism in any form doesn't belong in government.

    My view -- of course always subject to debate.

    I agree that a blanket "NO!" strategy could potentially shoot us in the foot, but it seemed to work pretty darn well for Republicans during President Obama's tenure. Not only did they retake the House and Senate, they then somehow (against the will of the majority of voters) retook the White House.

    I'd love nothing more than moderate people on both sides of the aisle to come together and find ways to work together that could help move our country in a better direction, but I am realistic and understand that we are nowhere near that in this political environment.

    In the same breath, civil and human rights are my single most important priority and it's hard to find common ground with a party who wants to tell one of my best friends that he shouldn't have a right to marry the person he loves or my female friends that they don't have a right to choose what to do with their own bodies.

    However, I do share your concern about Democrats always allowing the perfect to be the enemy of the good. I'm more than willing to support moderate Democrats, especially those in red states, so long as they stand up for core Democratic Party principles. I'm fungible on tax law and many other things, but that ends once legalized discrimination comes into play.