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Betsy De Vos

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    Betsy De Vos has been appointed Education Secretary. Betsy promotes privatation of schools like vouchers, charter schools and taxpayers paying for Christian schools. Betsy doesn't take seriously the constitutional idea of separation of church and state since she believes America should be a theocracy of the Christian Sky God.

    The proof of how devoted a Christian she is is the fact she has spent millions fighting against gay rights and for an appointee who hates gays it must have really pissed her off to have a Lesbian U.S. Senator questioning her.

    Betsy also makes big bucks involved in the student debt scam.

    Betsy's brother Eric Prince has made millions from his murdering torturing Black Water thugs and Eric has been advising the Don on who he should appoint and considering those sociopathic, soulless degenerates selected one is not a bit surprised.

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    Just a point of clarification. Betsy Devos has not been subjected to a full Senate vote yet. Right now the vote count is tied with two Republicans (Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski) saying they will oppose Devos. That makes the vote count 50:50. Unless another Republican breaks ranks, Mike Pence will cast the tie breaking vote.