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Totally Corrupt

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    Yes corrupt as hell.

    One of the first things the Dem's should do is the following:

    Start an detailed research into why Judge Kennedy all of a sudden "retired". I've written about that before, but no one gave it attention.

    Kennedy's son worked for Deutsche Bank; Trump has got lots of loans from that bank thus knows the "son". Thus the conclusion is simple; he "bribed" the son some way or another way, so his dad would step down. Thus Trump should be charged with a con-job about that. Right now the old (85) Ginsburg judge "fell" while in court and is in the hospital right now. Coincidence? Trump will of course try to "retire" her. He wants an Supreme Court which "defends" him all the way.

    Yes this country, is going downhill in a hurry. Sessions is just the start of what is coming.