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Totally Corrupt

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    There is no doubt about how totally corrupt the U.S. Government has become when the U.S. Senate Republicans confirmed all of Trump's appointees who are nothing more than a motley greedy crew of war criminals, war mongers, fascists, climate deniers, racists , women haters, gay haters and Robber Barons and their Stooges.
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    Eric Trump's business trip to Uruguay cost taxpayers $97,830 in hotel bills'

    Trumps trip to his FL's golf estate cost taxpayers $ 3,000,000; includes picking up Melania with her body guards.

    He always said that Obama's vacations did cost too much. He's just an liar and hypocrite.

    The Uruguayan trip shows how the government is unavoidably entangled with the Trump company as a result of the president's refusal to divest his ownership stake. In this case, government agencies are forced to pay to support business operations that ultimately help to enrich the president himself. Though the Trumps have pledged a division of business and government, they will nevertheless depend on the publicly funded protection granted to the first family as they travel the globe promoting their brand.

    A spokeswoman for Eric Trump declined to make him available for an interview and did not provide answers to a list of detailed questions about the trip.

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    I just like to add to the cost of the Trump Empire.

    He's flying again from N.Y. to his "palace" in West Palm FL. with the whole family as well the President of Japan.

    Cost nothing of course; Melania had to be picked up in NY so she could enjoy that fuel guzzling 747 which is absolutely not economical on these short trips; Thus another $3 million just to show off. If he keeps doing this (every week???) then this will cost the taxpayer fortunes. How long will the US stay asleep and accept this waste, just to have this mental idiot take all of us for an ride.He did not get "bankrupt" for nothing.

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    Yes I agree with your outrage. And yes many Americans are now showing their rage at town halls, protest marches and such. It's too bad they didn't think about these things before November 8th instead of voting their emotions or not voting at all. So we can rant and rave, but Democrats do not have the votes in Congress to stop the Trump juggernaut for anything. The only thing that can stop him in Congress is moderate Republicans in the House and Senate and thus far they are being very tribal. Party first. And maybe the courts.

    Also, maybe marchers outside their home offices will have some effect. It's hard to say because we all live in our bubbles.

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    Yes Schmidt; I just wonder how this all will end. Because the way it is going it can't be sustained on the long run. May be you can look in your "crystal ball" and predict the future. I can't !! But one thing is for sure this is going to end in an bad way.
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    Yes as I predicted; he takes another "trip" costing "millions" first to "promote" himself at an Melbourne event (to make this country great again; Wow) then onwards to his winter wonderland in FL. When are the "taxpayers" going to protest????
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    Herewith an great story I hope Jared reads it, but does not remove it.

    ( From the Washington Post)

    Trump family’s elaborate lifestyle is a ‘logistical nightmare’ — at taxpayer expense

    On Friday, President Trump and his entourage will jet for the third straight weekend to a working getaway at his oceanfront Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach, Fla.

    On Saturday, Trump’s sons Eric and Don Jr., with their Secret Service details in tow, will be nearly 8,000 miles away in the United Arab Emirates, attending the grand opening of a Trump-brand golf resort in the “Beverly Hills of Dubai.”

    Meanwhile, New York police will keep watch outside Trump Tower in Manhattan, the chosen home of first lady Melania Trump and son Barron. And the tiny township of Bedminster, N.J., is preparing for the daunting prospect that the local Trump golf course will serve as a sort of northern White House for as many as 10 weekends a year.

    Barely a month into the Trump presidency, the unusually elaborate lifestyle of America’s new first family is straining the Secret Service and security officials, stirring financial and logistical concerns in several local communities, and costing far beyond what has been typical for past presidents — a price tag that, based on past assessments of presidential travel and security costs, could balloon into the hundreds of millions of dollars over the course of a four-year term.

    Adding to the costs and complications is Trump’s inclination to conduct official business surrounded by crowds of people, such as his decision last weekend to host Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe for a working dinner while Mar-a-Lago members dined nearby.

    The handful of government agencies that bear the brunt of the expenses, including the Defense and Homeland Security departments, have not responded to Washington Post requests for data laying out the costs since Trump took office.

    But some figures have dribbled out, while others can be gleaned from government documents.

    Trump’s three Mar-a-Lago trips since the inauguration have probably cost the federal treasury about $10 million, based on figures used in an October government report analyzing White House travel, including money for Coast Guard units to patrol the exposed shoreline and other military, security and staffing expenses associated with moving the apparatus of the presidency.

    Palm Beach County officials plan to ask Washington to reimburse tens of thousands of dollars a day in expenses for deputies handling added security and traffic issues around the cramped Florida island whenever Trump is in town.

    In New York, the city is paying $500,000 a day to guard Trump Tower, according to police officials’ estimates, an amount that could reach $183 million a year.

    This month, The Post reported that Secret Service and U.S. Embassy staffers paid nearly $100,000 in hotel-room bills to support Eric Trump’s trip to promote a Trump-brand condo tower in Uruguay.

    “This is an expensive way to conduct business, and the president should recognize that,” said Tom Fitton, president of the conservative group Judicial Watch, which closely tracked President Barack Obama’s family vacation costs and said that it intends to continue the effort for the Trump administration.

    “The unique thing about President Trump is that he knows what it costs to run a plane,” Fitton added, noting that Trump should consider using the presidential retreat of Camp David, a short helicopter ride from the White House, or even his golf course in Northern Virginia. Of Mar-a-Lago, Fitton said, “Going down there ain’t free.”

    For Trump, the costs come with an additional perk: Some of the money flows into his own pocket. While Trump has removed himself from managing his company, he has refused to divest his ownership, meaning that he benefits from corporate successes such as government contracts.

    [Documents confirm Trump still benefiting from his business]

    The Defense Department and Secret Service, for instance, have sought to rent space in Trump Tower, where leasing a floor can cost $1.5 million a year — though neither agency has disclosed any details. In addition, Trump’s travel to his signature properties while trailed by a press corps beaming images to the world allows the official business of the presidency to double as marketing opportunities for his brand.

    The White House did not address broader concerns of the costs and potential conflicts inherent in Trump’s early travels. But White House spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham told The Post this week that Trump is always working, even when he has left Washington behind.

    “He is not vacationing when he goes to Mar-a-Lago,” Grisham said. “The president works nonstop every day of the week, no matter where he is.”

    Trump’s frequent travel belies his repeated criticism of Obama as a “habitual vacationer” enjoying taxpayer-funded golf getaways. It also comes after his own promises: He told the Hill newspaper in 2015, “I would rarely leave the White House because there’s so much work to be done.”

    Presidential families have for decades been guaranteed round-the-clock protection, no matter the expense or destination. Every presidency has brought new operational challenges and lifestyle habits, from George W. Bush’s frequent stays at his remote ranch in Texas to Obama’s annual trips to Martha’s Vineyard and his native state of Hawaii. Judicial Watch estimated that Obama-related travel expenses totaled nearly $97 million over eight years.

    But based on the first four weeks, Trump’s presidency appears on track to cost hundreds of millions of dollars more.

    [Can he do that? How Trump is changing the American presidency]

    The burden is especially acute for the Secret Service, the presidential protection force that has endured years of budget short­ages, low morale and leadership shake-ups, including the announcement this week that its director, Joseph Clancy, is stepping down.

    Agents are now tasked with guarding multiple homes and protecting Trump’s four adult children, including the globe-trotting sons running the family business and daughter Ivanka, whose family recently moved into a Northwest Washington neighborhood.

    “There was an anticipation of how stressful it was going to be on the agency, but the harsh reality is that the stress is just overwhelming,” said Jonathan Wackrow, a 14-year Secret Service employee who served in Obama’s detail and now works as executive director of the risk-mitigation company RANE.

    Even veteran agents, Wackrow said, are feeling the pressure of the “monumental” task, including manning high-security perimeters in Washington, Florida and New York, along with protecting family members’ private-business travel across three continents.

    “It’s a logistical nightmare,” Wackrow said. Agents are “at severe risk of burnout, and the very last thing you want is to have your agents burned out.”

    A Secret Service spokesman said the agency is equipped to handle the demands of a Trump presidency. “Every administration presents unique challenges to which the Secret Service has effectively adapted,” according to an agency statement. “Regardless of location . . . the Secret Service is confident in our security plan.”

    Experts and local officials have pointed to security and logistical concerns surrounding Mar-a-Lago, the lavish estate that Trump turned into a club in 1995 and now calls the “Winter White House.”

    [Trump turns Mar-a-Lago Club terrace into open-air situation room]

    Club members pay $200,000 to join — a fee that has doubled since his election — and $14,000 a year to belong, giving them access to the beach, tennis courts, a spa and, now, on occasional weekends, to the president.

    But Rep. Lois Frankel (D-Fla.), who represents Palm Beach, said Mar-a-Lago is a poor choice for a president’s long-term home: an exposed oceanfront club on a narrow, busy island, where traffic problems were already routine.

    “Mar-a-Lago is no Camp David,” Frankel said. “It’s not set up with the intention or the forethought of keeping the president safe.”

    The challenges for Mar-a-Lago as a presidential home were apparent from pictures posted on social media last weekend by club guests — including close-up images of the presidential limousine and a picture of a military official carrying the nuclear “football.”

    In one Instagram video recorded Friday night outside Mar-a-Lago, a woman fawns as men with earpieces inspect under the hood of a line of cars heading into the club: “The Secret Service is so hot.”

    The weekend brought the presidential entourage to two other Trump properties, as Trump and Abe golfed 27 holes at the president’s courses in Jupiter and West Palm Beach. The events meant global publicity for the Trump brand — and even more security complications.

    The federal and local governments have spent considerable sums to help safeguard the sprawling estate on items big and small.

    In advance of Trump’s Super Bowl weekend trip to Mar-a-Lago, the Secret Service paid for a bevy of security costs, including more than $12,000 for tents, portable toilets, light towers and golf carts, purchase orders show.

    The bills have racked up outside the club, too. Palm Beach County Sheriff Ric Bradshaw said Trump’s 25 days in the county since the election have cost local taxpayers about $60,000 a day in overtime police payments.

    Local officials said the U.S. Coast Guard has run round-the-clock shoreline patrols alongside Mar-a-Lago when the president is in town. A Coast Guard spokesman declined to share costs or specifics, citing security concerns.

    The Town of Palm Beach recently implemented a “presidential visit seasonal traffic mitigation plan” in hopes of stemming the island’s worsening traffic woes. Running every weekend until May, the plan includes a town order demanding sanitation and public-works crews leave the island every Friday by 3 p.m.

    Local officials usually learn only a few days in advance that the president is coming, said Kirk ­Blouin, the town’s director of public safety. “We plan as if he is going to be here most weekends,” Blouin said, “because otherwise it’s too hard to plan.”

    Overseas travel by Trump’s adult sons is adding to the burden on taxpayers.

    Eric Trump and his security detail flew this month to the Dominican Republic, during which the president’s son met with developers proposing a Trump-brand luxury resort. Purchase orders showing government expenditures for that trip are not yet available, but records show that Secret Service officials traveled there in advance to scope out the area — staying at the five-star, oceanfront AlSol Del Mar hotel at a cost of $5,470.

    After this weekend’s trip to Dubai — during which early Secret Service hotel bills have already surpassed $16,000, records show — the Trump brothers will travel to Vancouver, B.C., for the Feb. 28 grand opening of another Trump-brand skyscraper.

    [Eric Trump’s business trip to Uruguay cost taxpayers $97,830 in hotel bills]

    The State Department has declined to provide details related to its expenditures for Trump family travel around the world, including the participation of embassy staffers when Eric Trump and Don Trump Jr. travel on behalf of the family business.

    The best public estimate for the full cost of Trump’s presidential getaways may come from a U.S. Government Accountability Office report in October, which estimated that a four-day trip for President Obama cost taxpayers more than $3.6 million.

    During that Presidents’ Day weekend trip in 2013, Obama flew to Chicago to give an economic speech, then to Palm City, Fla., to golf with Tiger Woods and the owner of the Houston Astros baseball team.

    That money went toward operating aircraft flown in from 10 states — including Air Force One, which costs an estimated $200,000 an hour to fly — as well as assorted watercraft, military working dogs, rental cars, hotel rooms and a Coast Guard rescue helicopter.

    The trip drew the ire of many Republicans in Congress, including Sen. John Barrasso (R-Wyo.), who requested that the GAO review Obama’s costs. Asked whether Barrasso would file a similar request for Trump’s trips, his spokeswoman said equating the two presidents’ trips would be “misleading at best.”

    “Former President Obama flew to Florida for the express purpose of a golf lesson and a round of golf with Tiger Woods. President Trump was in Florida with the Prime Minister of Japan,” Barrasso’s press secretary, Laura M. Mengelkamp, said in a statement. “Regardless, every level of the federal government needs to be mindful of the way it spends taxpayer dollars.”

    In November, when Trump spent a weekend at his Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, N.J., the 8,000-resident township received just 48 hours’ notice demanding an all-hours security detail of six police officers from its 16-officer force.

    Township officials have begun preparing for the possibility that Trump will make up to 10 visits this year, including a potentially extended summer stay for the first lady. Officials there offered a projection, based on seven Trump trips, that could cost the township more than $300,000.

    “Bedminster is a small municipality with a small police force and a small budget,” Mayor Steven E. Parker (R) wrote in a letter asking for federal help in recouping security costs. “We want to welcome President Trump with open arms, but we don’t wish to burden our taxpayers disproportionately for these visits.”

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    Again Trump is flying to his Mar-a-Lago home in FL; He's doing that now on an regular basis,costing the tax payer fortunes. $3 million per "pop"

    When will the Congress wake up; this "family" is ripping off the American public, but "who" cares!!!

    In the mean time at his "palace" he will do his "own" business as usual, via his "family or other "business" contacts.

    Where are these "lawyers" who only "talked" about "conflict of interest" but are doing nothing about it at all????

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    Excellent questions. The "Southern White house".... and we are expected to pay secret service to babysit his 3rd wife from NY. Hey Melania, your family loves Florida so much... If you moved in, You would be there when your husband came home. I have to believe you could find a good school or a tutor.

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    She warned him and is acting accordingly.

    He related the conversation with her about running and she said: "you know, if you run you will win". I said that was a warning to him because she understands him and knows being president would be a nuisance to him.

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    By continuing to profit personally from his office, Trump is violating the emolument clause, a sure sign of a corrupt leader.

    Just today, a judge in Maryland ruled that a lawsuit against Trump could proceed. By itself, it likely won't be enough to remove him from office. When combined with all his other misdeeds, it could be very damagin.

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    Yes, I saw that already on the news; it is also time to evaluate the cost of having this President (compared to others). He is spending fortunes on himself and the family; all his useless "trips", "rally's" etc. have cost the taxpayer well over $750 million. This includes the "aircraft" cost, secret service cost, transportation of the "bullet and bomb" proof limo(s), and all other cost related to his and his family's "protection" and lavish lifestyle.

    Wake up America, you are being robbed.

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    Another example of the emolument clause being violated is the news this morning that China just approved 16 trademark applications for Ivanka Trump.

    Because of the scattershot nature of the applications, the 16 bids that China greenlighted gave Ivanka Trump a foothold in a bewildering range of markets. She is now poised to hold trademarks for senior homes and lightning diffusing machines; for batteries, wedding gowns and sausage casings.

    None of these products, obviously, lend themselves to "vertical integration"

    Although Ivanka will also be able to market cosmetics and sunglasses, she also will be able to market semiconductors and voting machines. If you don't see any problem with Trump's daughter selling computer chips and voting machines, let me paint a picture for you:

    See the source image