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State Department senior management staff "fired"

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    Several news sources are reporting that the State Department's entire senior-level staff resigned effective Friday. Others reported it as a firing. What appears to be standard practice is for existing senior-level staff to submit their resignations with the start of a new administration. The new administration then has the option of accepting those resignations or asking some or all to stay least for a few months if not longer until the new administration can get on its feet. However, in this case, the senior-staff themselves decided they didn't want to stay on.

    That's one version of events. The other is that Trump wanted to get rid of all of Kerry's senior staff as quickly as Friday. You're Fired. Whatever.

    As reported by the Daily Beast, "David Wade, former chief of staff for John Kerry, called it “the single biggest simultaneous departure of institutional memory that anyone can remember, and that’s incredibly difficult to replicate.” He added that such positions are extremely difficult to fill. Those who left were reportedly career foreign-service officers who’ve served in both Republican and Democratic administrations."

    Rex Tillerson will have a difficult time in the transition without the people who know how things are run. But no matter. He can always get guidance from his boss who claims to be a "very smart man."

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    The Guardian, January 29, 2017: Trump's state department purge sparks worries of 'know-nothing approach' to foreign policy

    That purge of senior level people at the State Department went much deeper than what early reports led us to first believe. Rex Tillerson has not yet been confirmed yet, but the bigger problem is that the Trump team has not named any candidates to fill the many positions below Tillerson. These senior positions once named will take months of security vetting and confirmation. Wow, the State Department will be in a real mess.

    I was looking for an organization chart to visually illustrate the problem but could only find one embedded in this article. Click on the organization chart to make it bigger and watch your eyes bulge out. The ones with a hand drawn "X" are empty positions that Tillerson wil need to fill.

    Trial Balloon for a Coup?

    I caution about reading the rest of the stuff in the Coup article as it will give you bad dreams.

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    Schmidt, don't worry. He said during the "campaign" that "he" alone could "fix" and run the whole government and would drain the swamp. I hope the people here get the picture that he only wants "dictatorship" and does not need "experts". To get rid of people, gives him more "power".

    Especially I find the "balloon" article very interesting of the "Rosneft" transactions. If true that is enough to "hang" the guy.