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The Brexit exit

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    In Britain their supreme court has ordered an stop for the moment to proceed with the exit from the EU. At the end of the week the British Prime Minister will visit Trump. So I wonder will Trump try to meddle in UK politics?? My feeling is that the UK is wondering what are the benefits of getting out, because as they said they want to keep all the "goodies" from the EU connection but don't want to stay in the EU. Thus just like an little kid who only wants all the toys, but refuses to clean his room or follow rules. Sounds similar to us right now getting out of TPP and Nafta. What a world run by idiots.
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    I don't like the UK isolation ideas of leaving the EU. While I admit I don't commonly purchase items of UK origin.... If or when they leave, it will have negative meaning to me as a consumer. For every action there is a reaction and I will not buy their products.