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the first acts

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    The first action of the Trump U.S. Congress was to secretly put forward a rule destroying all the ethics rules and their enforcement. One could easily call into question the sincerity of these individuals who keep claiming they hold to high ideals and values.

    The first 2017 speech Paul Ryan gave in the House of Representatives involved gloating over the fact that he had enough votes to pass an act that would result in the repeal of the affordable care act and thereby preventing 30 million Americans from getting medical care and only a pack of sociopathic, corrupt, evil, soulless degenerates would celebrate such a diabolic cruel act and the U.S. Senate Republicans also passed this mean spirited act.

    The Robber Baron Stooges in the U.S. Congress have also voted for decades not to reduce the cost of drugs and many Americans have died because of these votes.