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Why we got Trump; it is not the Russians!

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    Right now the focus is on John Lewis all the time that he does not wants to attend the inauguration. The reason should be an total different one than he says.

    Point one: As even Obama said: "the guy is (totally) unfit for the job"

    Point two: no one even took the time to accurately "vet" the guy before the "primaries and demand full disclosure of all his background and contacts as well of course "holdings/debts/ liens/ lawsuits etc and tax returns.

    Point three: should have had an physical suited exam, if sound of mind.

    Point four: knows nothing of the world or its cultures or politics let alone of existing policies and agreements.

    Point five: never thinks or studies subjects before he "blabs" things out.

    Point six: Is totally chaotic in everything and lies about everything. Even his desk is an mess.

    But yeah, blame it on the Russians; no I blame it on the awful stupid way we elect such an important position in this country which is way too busy being "patriotic", but does not take the time to demand certain qualities for such position. Thus Americans blame it on yourself; you "designed" this system here, so any crazy idiot can get this job. So be happy with it, you deserve this President thanks to antique rules which are more important than common sense as well "forget screening" first before you elect anyone.

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    Trump got elected because nobody would listen when I explained how and why he had a good chance of winning. All I heard was how impossible it would be for him to get elected. Now that he has won everybody that wouldn't listen is coming up with all the excuses possible to cover up not seeing how he could win. Instead of continuing to generate excuses for not recognizing and to construct scenarios for how he snuck into office, that energy should be directed toward building a responsible to conditions Democratic Party. Economic conditions are bad and getting worse by the day. Instead of ignoring again there needs to arise a roar of protest. With no growth, that means no earnings. No earnings means the market is existing off 401ks, savings and retirement incomes. One of the worst indicators is now getting worse. Movie attendance is the worst it has been in over 20 years. Red box, NetFlix etc are not the reason. Dissipating discretionary money is the reason. Unless money is put back in circulation there are dire consequences.
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    I too discounted his chances. Your post title mentioned the word landslide. Nowhere near that but many things were missed. I defaulted towards logic and Nate Silver which reminds us there are always hidden factors. The Democratic party failed and perhaps it is the startling wake up call we needed. Hopefully the ecology and financial aspects of millions of Americans can survive our failure.
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    Tony the point I try to make is: have we learned from this??? I doubt it; the next election will likely be done the same way; ; stick to an Electoral board system and don't "vet" any person running for the job as well closing the eyes for voter suppression. We've learned until now nothing from past other mistakes like Vietnam, Iraq etc. thus I presume the same will happen with future elections.