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President Obama's Farewell Address

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    Huffington Post: Read The Full Text Of Obama’s Farewell Address

    I expect most people watched President Obama's farewell speech to a 20,000 faithful cheering crowd in Illinois. I loved it and will really miss him once we start having to listen to Trump speeches. Like many of his speeches he used the words "we" and "you", and only used "I" when mentioning something personal to him.

    Full transcript is at the above link.

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    Thank you. I was not able to watch and am looking forward to catching up. Facebook is ablaze with chatter. Infighting but partisanship will most likely prevail.

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    It's still hard for me to believe that it's almost over.

    I don't talk about it often, but President Obama is the main reason I ever became interested in politics in the first place. I began following this "up and coming" State Senator when I was still living in my home state of Illinois back in the early 2000's. He was my first ever vote for a Federal official when I voted for him in 2004 and I've been a die hard Obamaite since then.

    It doesn't matter who comes after him - he will always be remembered by me as the person who light the spark inside of me that I can make a difference no matter how small it may be.

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    Yes, it was an excellent speech; very Presidential with feelings and thought. We will miss that "real" human feeling" what being Democratic is all about. We are coming now in an period where only "tweeting and bullying" will be the case. Nothing Presidential anymore. Thank you "deplorables"!!!!