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What is wrong with our NATO policies?

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    Right now something is totally out of wack. The US is busy to hold the biggest military exercises ever in Europe. They landed hundreds of tanks and other equipment in Bremerhaven, Germany as well enormous troops quantities. It looks like an WWII invasion by the Yankee's. I just wonder about that, because our "new" President is "friends" with Russia, thus why have these "war" exercises right now? It will irritate the "hell" out of them for sure. But yeah this movement of material and troops of course does not cost anything either; so who cares??

    I wonder if Putin will call Trump to stop this.

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    Business Insider, January 6, 2017: Hundreds of US tanks and trucks arrive in eastern Europe for exercises amid NATO military buildup

    More on "Operation Atlantic Resolve" from Business Insider. These military exercises are not new. There was an even bigger one last summer. Russia likewise conducts exercises to show off their muscle.

    "BREMERHAVEN, Germany (Reuters) - Hundreds of U.S. tanks, trucks and other military equipment arrived by ship in Germany on Friday to be transported by rail and road to eastern Europe as part of a NATO buildup that has drawn Russia's ire. U.S. and Polish forces will participate in a large "massing" exercise in Poland at the end of January as part of a series of measures aimed at reassuring U.S. allies in Europe after Russia's 2014 annexation of the Crimea region of Ukraine.

    "In addition to U.S. troops going to Poland, NATO members Germany, Canada and Britain are also sending battalions of up to 1,000 troops each to the former Soviet republics of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

    "The best way to maintain the peace is through preparation," Major General Timothy McGuire told reporters when asked if the large deployment was meant to send a message to Russia. This is just showing the strength and cohesion of the alliance and the U.S. commitment to maintain the peace on the continent."


    Just to be clear, this is a NATO exercise, not an exclusive US military exercise although the US will have the biggest role. It's fairly regular event if you take a look at the map where military exercises have recently been conducted.

    Operation Atlantic Resolve

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    Thanks Schmidt; my point was: How does this affect the Trump love for Putin? The timing of this of course may irritate Putin on top of all the new sanctions Obama put in place. So I wonder about what Trump will do.
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    Most all of these military exercises (war games) are scheduled well in advance so I don't attach anything significant to the timing. The generals will claim that it helps maintain preparedness for a war, and I suppose that is true, but the other purpose is too show off your muscles to the other side...kind of like macho guys facing off, "see my big muscles, fear me, or else." In that scenario, a show of each other's muscles can in fact act as a deterrent to a bigger fight. Of course each side pushes the limits with a few fists in the air, and that is also just part of the macho man rituals.

    What I worry about though is "sane actors". Thus far President Obama and the leaders of countries like China and Russia to a certain extent have been sane actors on the stage. They get on stage and flex their muscles, do a few war dances, maybe poke each other with a stick, but will stop short of actually throwing a spear. It's the way the game has been played for decades.

    Now enter one irrational actor Donald Trump on the stage who doesn't really know the rituals behind these "shows of muscle" and whose temperament causes immense concern. What happens if Trump actually throws the spear in a tweet of 3 am anger after being poked by a stick?

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    Yes that is exactly what I meant; the guy is an lunatic and shoots from the hip. The latest stupidity is that he wants us to pay for the "wall" and bill Mexico later. Where are the brains????
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    Capitalism is the problem. I know of no solution but if eventually a change can be made to disallow government employees from owning stocks in corporations who profit from military and war we would see logic reenter the conversation. Cheney got rich for invading Iraq and that set a bad precedence.