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Mike Pence the Theocrat

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    Ursulafaw, Daily Kos, January 3, 2016: Mike Pence Is A Theocrat. His Christian Supremacist Followers Seek To Take Over America. Seriously.

    Dutch asked me to comment on the above article by Ursulafaw about Mike Pence that appeared in the Daily Kos. Ursulafaw writes:

    "...Mike Pence is not only the de facto leader of the Republican party, which is no longer the party of conservatism but is now the party of nationalism; but more importantly Mike Pence is at the head of another, far more dangerous Republican group, the "Christian Supremacists;" who are committed to taking over the government of the United States of America."

    Ursulafaw further notes that Pence had a rather undistinguished career in both business and politics until he had a "call to Jesus" at which time his political career started to rise with the help of evangelist James Dobson. Pence describes being interviewed by Dobson as the "greatest honor of my entire life". His ego got further inflated with the success of the Mike Pence Show on conservative talk radio, where he broadcast daily a mix of politics and religion.

    He draws parallels between Pence's rise to power and that of Adolph Hitler who also started out preaching his form of the political gospel in the beer halls of Germany, where he frequently got a standing ovation. With the help of wealthy backers, Hitler's rise to power ultimately transformed the Workers Party of Deitrich Echart into the Nazi Party.

    Likewise, Mike Pence has taken the Republican Party and helped morph it into a party of nationalism and white supremacy. Quoting Ursulafaw, "There is a thread of commonality shared by the Nazis and the KKK, which is of course, white supremacy. The white supremacy theme is amplified and echoed by the Christian Supremacists, (or “evangelicals”) who also see the “traditional” white race, people of Northern European descent and with a bible in hand, as God’s Chosen People."

    One of Mike Pence's financial backers is Erik Prince of Blackwater fame. Pence and Prince together have furthered the Christian Supremacist agenda by fighting for the “moral restoration of society.” Pence's political action committee, "Principles Exalt A Nation," provides funding for his radical religious right wingers seeking to establish a Christian theocracy in the United States. With the White House, House and Senate under Republican control their last hurdle is to impose their fanaticism by helping to select Trump's Supreme Court nominations, hopefully swerving it to the far right for decades to come.

    Ursulafaw summarizes: "In Mike Pence's God-ordained economic system the serfs will labor and tithe for the good of the theocrats on top, because that is how a theocracy works. And the warrior class will stand ready to destroy the infidels because that, too, is a fundamental part of a theocracy. "

    Ursualfaw's opinions are noteworthy, and for those of us who would like to see Donald Trump impeached, we should first do our research on Mike Pence. A Mike Pence presidency would do more harm to the country than whatever we can imagine for Donald Trump. However, if Trump indeed takes on a "Chairman of the Board" type of role and leaves the day to day governing to Pence, then we have much to worry about. It will happen before many even realize it. It happened before in history.

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    Yes I hope this article will sink in by the members, as well hopefully by "voters". But yeah I guess the GOP just closes their eyes for this danger and will be so happy and cheering on inauguration day and then an year later will cry rivers of tears because they will loose everything they had going for them. But the top 1% is not complaining, so that is excellent for sure.

    For the "believers" it is also no problem, because everything is "God's will" so don't complain afterwards; if there would be an "human" created God, the "thing" would die laughing if it could observe the "circus" in this country anyway.

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    These two were what was seen as "The better choice". Most firmly believe that will result in regret. I am mostly hoping the Democratic party are realizing how they have failed the American people. The next 48 months will be our "minorities" (congress/senate) trying to stay out of the way while exhibiting ineffectiveness.
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    When fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in a flag carrying a cross.

    you can bet your ass.

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    Facism is already here; look at the choices which Trump made. Right now it is just the beginning; indeed if Pence (as well Ryan) gets their way, then like as in 1200, we can start the crusades all over again. Don't forget the "evangelicals" who got Trump into the "saddle".