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Republican repeal of ObamaCare

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    Last week, Gov. Doug Ducey wrote an open letter to U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar asking him to open a special Obamacare health insurance enrollment period so that Arizona residents hit hard financially by the coronavirus crisis might get some coverage.

    Other elected officials in the country made the same request.

    A number of states that operate their own insurance markets have already reopened enrollment. But the Trump administration oversees many states, including Arizona.

    And, according to Politico, the president has turned down the request to create a special enrollment period in light of the health crisis.

    Trump’s determination to eliminate the Affordable Care Act and all its components won out over the opportunity to help people in need.

    Even the big insurance lobby, America’s Health Insurance Plans, backed a special enrollment period.

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    Anything Obama has to be erased, that is his goal; nothing else. He does not care about the people in this country; only himself; the stupid people here still did not get the picture. He said he had an much better health program,where is it? Liar!!

    But they "deplorables" still vote for this idiot, but rather die, with an huge medical "bill" for the family.