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Megyn Kelly moving to NBC

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    The news has been out for the past few days. But now we learn that Fox News offered Kelly $100 million for four years to stay. That's $25 million a year. She will be reportedly making considerably less at NBC.

    I haven't watched Megyn Kelly that much, but what I have seen she doesn't strike me as top league. I much prefer Joy Reid, Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O'Donnell. I hope she's not making more than these folks.

    MSN News: Exclusive: Fox News Actually Offered Megyn Kelly $100 Million Package to Stay

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    $100 million to state your opinion. What a crazy world we live in...

    I wonder if she turned down the offer from Fox "News" because she understood what would be expected of her if she stayed on during the Trump era. She is definitely no liberal, but maybe the idea of being forced to be Trump's cheerleader after he said she had " blood coming out of her wherever" was too much for her.

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    Not entirely stating her opinion either. I am sure they have writers, fact and source checkers and some editorial content (Lou Grant). So basically she may just be a talking head who battled Trump and Fox and walked away with no dignity. I guess money cures all ills. I like her but it seems like they're buying an expensive used car.
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    Tucker Carlson of the infamous alt-right Fake News Daily Caller is taking Megyn Kelly's place. They are moving even further right.

    Oh and Greta Van Susteren is joining MSNBC and will have the 4 pm (EST) slot. MSNBC is also moving right.