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Fights on Boxing Day

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    MSN News: Fights, Disturbances and Chaos Breaks Out Malls Across the United States

    Americans brought more than just unwanted gifts to the mall on Monday. They carried anger.

    A series of apparently unconnected fights and disturbances broke out at malls across the country on the day after Christmas — known as "Boxing Day" in many British Commonwealth countries, for reasons unrelated to fisticuffs — leaving shoppers desperate for an exit and authorities struggling to wrangle unruly crowds.

    Several arrests and multiple injuries were reported — including an assault on an officer — and authorities and witnesses described panic-stricken scenes from Aurora, Colo. to East Garden City, N.Y.

    This is not new. It happens every Boxing Day but also every Black Friday. It's really fascinating to me as I try to understand the psychological profile of those partaking in mobs such as this. It says something about human nature...our otherwise controlled emotions on most days reverting to our animal instincts. I've watched clips of these in the news every year and they remind me of those Animal Planet and National Geographic clips of animals in Africa fighting over a dead carcass.

    We should just call it "fight day in America". The term Boxing Day kind of fits except these "scratch and pull fights" goes beyond the conventional boxing for sport.

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    Schmidt; read what I wrote about "Drug use in the US" then it becomes clear about the why and how in this "capitalistic" society. It is all driven by "commercial" have to have attitude, which is part of our capitalistic system. It is all about "goods" not being happy with having only "goods". This society is only driven by having "things" as advertised. No wonder the brains here are programmed that way. Sitting quiet on an rock somewhere in nature and enjoy the scenery around you, is an thing of the past.
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    It is a crazy system and a joke how many stumbled through the maze. Luckily my kids are grown and the materialism is mostly put aside. When your children appreciate the human connections, you smile and are thankful.