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North Carolina is no longer a democracy

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    According to the below article, North Carolina and their voting environment is much like an undeveloped, hardly advanced country. Welcome to the basterdization of elections. What have we become and will we correct our course ?

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    Democracy is anathema to capitalism. The so-called free market zealots believe in the logic and judgement of markets. Yet markets or rather transactions have no judgement or logic. We note for example that people clamor for the latest electronics. Do they make their lives easier and their work more productive or do they merge work and leisure so that people are always on? Free market zealots demand that market judgement and property rights be enshrined as law, immutable and not subject to democratic accountability. Thus your comment regarding North Carolina is appropriate. We are not citizens, we are consumers.
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    Thanks TJ for sharing the article. Media coverage seems to be expanding but the North Carolina legislature was perhaps hoping that their failure to undo their "bigot law" would not get much notice over the holidays.

    There is another facet of this that should make bigger headlines. What will Republicans do when they have absolute power...the governorship, the legislature, the state courts? To answer that, just look at North Carolina. Power corrupts.

    In a sense, North Carolina may be the "canary in the coal mine" for an uncertain future under Trump.

    Or to use a Star Wars analogy, Governor McCrory, a likely member of the Sith Order , in one last act of defiance applies his Bogan (dark side) to force his will upon his people. As per the Star Wars story, individuals who use the dark side draw their power from darker emotions such as fear, anger, hatred, and aggression. Does that fit Trump as well as McCrory?

    "Once more the Sith will rule the galaxy, and we shall have peace."―Darth Sidious to Darth Vader

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    I don't believe that it is just N. Carolina; if you look at the Trump election where Hillary got about 3 million more votes, then I wonder if this is still an Democracy. Especially now all the hypocrites in our government accept an dictator who surrounds himself with "billionaires" and "generals" as well an bunch of "anti" everything. N. Carolina is peanuts compared what is happening in Washington right now. Trump acts already if he's sitting in the White House. His form of "capitalism" is pure "dictatorship"; Democracy is already far out of the "window"; sorry to say this country is following now the Mussolini model. It won't be long or we will be close to WWIII. He already wanted to start an arms race while not even in office.
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    Would Bernie have won and been a better choice? Bernie would have changed the history of the world in a better different way. Trump will change it, no doubt about it. The DNC elected Trump.