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How to actually Make America Great Again

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    Hi everyone,

    I recently co-authored this article titled "How to Actually Make America Great Again" and was looking for some honest feedback on it. I hope you like it.

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    Welcome. I believe your input is welcomed also. We prefer input in not previously assembled manners. I honestly hope you visit and offer thoughts, suggestions, and ideas on how things can be changed / improved.
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    I liked your article.

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    LaylaLight -- I read your article in the brokeasssturt blog website...barely. The website is unstable, and quit responding on me a few times

    Anyway from what I read, you are sending a message to become active and don't sit and take all the shit dished out. Write your representatives. That's all good. I wholeheartedly agree but nothing really new there. We have been preaching that for years as has Bernie Sanders. Then you ask us to find common ground with the enemy. That's a necessity for progress. In other words "compromise". That's good too...I agree. However, as an avid Obama supporter and former precinct chair, I have been put off by naïve liberals who condemn every one of Obama's compromises. Some on this website have labeled him "the lesser of two evils". And some in the Green Party (your listed party) including Jill Stein are the worst offenders. I don't know if you voted for Jill Stein, but if you did, then I would be curious as to why.

    In my opinion, President Obama has done more for the environment than any president in recent history, yet it was still not good enough for Jill Stein. She also said there was "no difference" between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton as she campaigned in all the battleground states up until the last day. To me she comes across as a "Hillary hater" as I have read her dialogues with Amy Goodman.

    I used to like the Green Party and much of what they stood for. They need a reality check. As a member of the Green Party have you actually read their platform? Take a look.

    Green Party Platform

    Don't just browse it. Read it carefully and then apply that critical thinking that you push in your article. There are some good parts that I can embrace, but to me it's overall agenda is so far left it has lost all sense of reality. "La La Land" is the word that I have applied in other posts in the past.

    Of course, the Green Party is not the topic of your article, which I thought was good in its main points. Liberals and Dems need to be more assertive than just lying down. Seek to understand is good, but it is a two way street. In my countless discussions with liberals, conservatives and those in-between, I have been patient in trying to understand their worldviews, but the reverse is not true. People's minds are really entrenched, not so much because they have done their homework on the issues, but rather because of tribalism. Most people can take a stand on an issue, but they cannot articulate why in a way that makes sense consistent with facts.

    I also don't know about your statement that cops aren't allowed to have high IQ's. The keyword is "allowed". I can see where in some locals that some cops may be less bright, but I would disagree with the overall premise.

    Teaching empathy in the classroom is okay, but the degree of empathy like all emotions, is largely genetic in nature, although early childhood development is also a factor. Empathy, to the extent that it is acquired, is best influenced by ones parents and family. It doesn't hurt to emphasize it in the class room as well.

    And yes don't litter is another good point as it applies in your article about not spreading false news and derogatory and inflammatory material. I read the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Guardian, Vox, Al Jazeera and a few lesser known blog websites. I had never heard of Liberty Now.

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