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Does the School System Encourage anti-Christianity?

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    johnnycee Wrote: If religion is not discussed in a secular setting then the discussion will always lean towards the speakers idea of what is true, the students then will be forced to learn from mostly uninformed sources, this why I said that it not be mandatory but an elective
    the problem is that believers BELIEVE their religion is "true." care must be taken to not even make the most minor point that any religion is "true". that comes from religious observances and teaching by churches etc and in the home. even private religious schools teach theology such as where my wife teaches physics (catholic high school) but probably 90% of the kids aren't catholic.
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    It was mentioned after the election that 80% of the "evangelicals" voted for Trump, this shows how naive this group of people is. Religion itself does not give you an job, money, nor bread on the table let alone health care or real "education". These people don't seem to understand that. An new President who hires in an alt-right/nazi like figure as his advisor should signal to these people that he's against anything the "bible" says. Making invalid people look like idiots and women as toys to grope is far from an Jesus culture. So I absolute don't understand why they voted for this total idiot.