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The ghost of Joe McCarthy

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    On this day in 1954, Senator Joe McCarthy was censured by the United States Senate. During his brief career, he falsely accused hundreds of people of being communists.

    The latest issue of the National Enquirer boldly proclaimed that the the CIA was riddled with Muslim terrorist sympathizers

    Looks like history is repeating itself.

    The company that owns the National Enquirer is owned by a man named David Pecker (that is his real name.)

    He is a good friend of Donsld Trump.

    The National Enquirer is one of only 3 publicatiobs in the entire country that actually endorsed Trump.

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    He targeted the prime enemy of the time. Who can you think of who is/was also a fear mongering accuser ? Difference is he loves Russian leadership. In 10 years this period (Currently) will be seen in a thousand facets of negativity.