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Tammy Duckworth and Tulsi Gabbard in 2020

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    Democrats should nominate Tammy Duckworth for President and Tulsi Gabbard for VP in 2020.

    You heard that here first.

    Senator-Elect Duckworth of Illinois is a national icon. Representative Gabbard of Hawaii is a firebrand in our new media age.

    This would be a sensational lineup. Two females of color. Both Warriors. Both with high approvals.

    This is how we take back the media and the White House from the Trumptrollers.

    Ground game needs to be there. Diplomacy with the Green Party needs to be there in the swing states.

    Democrats need to use the courts to fight voter suppression, and they need to get more activists and outrage consolidated around making sure our votes count and making voter friendly reforms to the voting process.

    It's my hope that a "more progressive" ex-President Obama emerges following his exit from office, whom stays semi-active as the defacto figure head of the Democratic Party. If ex-President Obama were to admit to the error and damage done from austerity during his presidency, and that of the campaign politics of austerity, that would go a long way towards transforming the Democrats' economic message in the age of Trump.

    I see no other ticket better to energize the Democratic vote and take the media away from Trump than Duckworth-Gabbard in 2020.

    But we still need to have a 'winning' economic agenda. We need to have a message of full employment, price stability, public purpose, and a booming technologically advanced economy.

    We need to trump Trump's all-over-the-map economic views, which are narrowing in practice to extreme right-wing folly.

    We do that with a message about a booming economy for all and a government that serves public purpose.

    We win with a sensational all-female ticket of war heroes carrying the football.

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    Reposting as Tammy Duckworth is reportedly under consideration to be the VP.

    Tulsi went full crack pot on us and I’m not interested in her.

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    Keep on dreaming Carlitos; I don't see anyone in the present choices, such as Biden to be an "force" which can beat the Trump "corruption". As long as Trump can "bribe" the Electoral college and get away with it "again" he will win again.

    The only way we could have had an stronger candidate was Bloomberg, but yeah they don't want someone who's got "money" as well "brains". So forget all the "play" for an V.P. ; Biden is sleeping in his "basement" and may be after his winter sleep, he will wake up in an different world.

    Trump is may be stupid, but very smart in "mafia" tactics; he will use such all the way. But the Dem's act like all of this is an still an "normal" world (and election) and everything is honest and close their eyes for all the misdeeds. Sorry it is the "system" here without solid "black" and "white" laws as well an sound base law which never was revised or updated, except with some "amendments" which did not do much except confuse it some more like the "second amendment" which no one including all the fake lawyers "admit" what it says. Case "laws", if used for too a long period of time becomes an huge mess as has been proven; only the zillion lawyers profit from it.

    Thus I wish this country luck with the upcoming elections; "chaos' and"corruption" will drive it; even the "post office" is now corrupted by Trump by injecting an "loyalist" into it. Amen