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Jill Stein Demands a Recount

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    Failed Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein on Wednesday announced plans to force a recount of votes in three crucial swing states — a longshot move that could help vanquished Democrat Hillary Clinton, who remained mum on the subject.

    Stein, who garnered a dismal 1 percent of the national vote, said challenging the tallies in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan was needed to answer questions about a possible cyber-attack on electronic-voting machines.


    Last week, activists reportedly urged Clinton’s campaign to force recounts in all three states, citing data showing she got 7 percent fewer votes in Wisconsin counties that used electronic-voting machines compared to those that relied on paper ballots and optical scanners.

    I've already donated a bit. The donations exceeded 2 million very quickly. Jill campaigned against Hillary and claimed that both of the primary candidates were unfit, but now she's kind of changing her tune.

    Interesting. As someone with training in cybersecurity, it wouldn't surprise me if the election was hacked.

    Of course, our democracy has already suffered from cyber incidents to defame Hillary, but it's not uncommon for the world's biggest superpowers to directly influence the outcome of foreign elections.

    Here's a list of countries the U.S. alone has influenced through their democracies:










    Boy, if the audit detects an incident, I shutter to think what kind of mental gymnastics Trump supporters will perform...

    But yeah, there's nothing wrong with auditing the process.

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    I saw on Facebook where it was suggested that Hillary do this. She's defeated and hurt. She has no fight left to offer. Many say there's reasons for these questions to be raised. I just don't know but f it. That sleazy conman would sell the statue of liberty for scrap metal if a buck was to be made. I don't trust him or his band of liars so check it all.
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    Dude if Stein pulls this off and Hillary takes the White House, the publicity would give third parties a significant amount of traction in the future.
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    Sorry, knowing this country, even if any recount shows anomalies then there is still the Electoral College who will stick to their decisions as well a million lawyers who will fight this. So I think it will be just an hot air balloon, because Hillary has thrown in the towel and has no guts to fight anything anymore, let alone the DNC who's in shambles.
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    I don't understand Jill Stein's motives. She actively campaigned against Hillary Clinton in battleground states and up to the day of the election stated that there "was no difference between Clinton and Trump". If she really believes that why is she demanding a recount? Her votes in Wisconsin and Michigan were the difference in Clinton losing these two states...she got what she campaigned for. She ran a campaign of hating Hillary and was able to sway many voters to hate her as well.