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appointee's qualifications

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    It seems the main qualifications of Trump appointees is that they be war criminals, racists, women haters, fascists, war mongering lunatics and Robber Baron/Global Corporation Stooges.

    The truth is America has not been a Republic since those two war criminals Bush and Cheney (if the rule of law had existed these two soulless bastards would have been hung) took over the U.S. Government and passed those Nazi Acts and began establishing a national fascist surveillance police state and today there is no question that America has dedicated war criminals, fascists, racists and Robber Baron Stooges leading this country and these are reasons enough to abolish the U.S. Government.

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    Let's not forget will they spend money or steer money in a direction that helps the pres. ? That's perhaps the most important issue.
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    The only real qualification is a desire to suck up and play second fiddle for the trumpster.
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    Looks like nothing but trouble for Trump. Not coming from a saturated political background Trump is hiring people out of desperation. Hillary would have known the suitability of each person for each job. What it takes above all else is talent. I know of many cases of home run hitters that struck out when they tried to step into other games at the top and run them like they did in a successful endeavor they just left. He has a lot of people that he will be getting superficial loyalty from. Romney will probably figuring how to scam him from day one.