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    The American peoples indictment of the U.S. Government.

    1. The U.S. Governments refusal to deal effectively with Climate Change which is the greatest threat to life on earth.

    2. The rule of law no longer exists.

    3. Checks and balances no longer exist.

    4. America's legal systems no longer uphold the people's constitutional rights.

    5. Funding endless wars of aggression costing trillions and endless war crimes.

    6. Unlimited arms dealing.

    7. Unlimited campaign money.

    8. Passing unconstitutional acts.

    9.Corrupt useless regulatory agencies.

    10. Passing bills that allow the 1% of the wealthiest Corporations and Americans to obtain most of the wealth while millions of Americans slip into poverty.

    11. Passing swindle bills like Drug Plan D, allowing credit card corporations to charge loan shark rates up to 35%, allowing banksters and investment corporations to swindle their customers and the creation of billions of debt for college students.

    12. Refusal to audit government departments allowing billions to be stolen and wasted.

    13. Passing a medical care bill designed to fail instead of a single payer bill.

    14, Funding unconstitutional criminal agencies like the CIA, school of the Americas, NSA, DIA, Homeland Security and the TSA.

    15. The militarization of local police forces.

    16. Funding a 50 billion a year fascist national surveillance system

    17. Passing bills allowing the Robber Barons/Global Corporations and the wealthiest to avoid paying taxes.

    18. The fascist brutal treatment of peaceful protesters and demonstrators.

    19. The refusal of America's legal systems to bring War Criminals, human rights abusers and fascist badge carrying thugs murdering unarmed minorities and billion/million dollar thieves to justice.

    20. Refusal to raise that poverty $7.25 minimum wage.

    21. The legal systems refusing to stop states from creating barriers to voting, removing millions from the voting rolls in minority districts.

    22. The FCC handing over the peoples airwaves to the Global Corporations.

    23. America's legal systems putting 10's of thousands of minorities in jail for years for minor offenses.

    In summary this indictment explains why America is no longer a Republic but instead a government of the Robber Barons/Global Corporations, by the Robber Barons and for the Robber Barons and has become a warmongering, corrupt, lawless, fascist, oligarchic plutocracy and the people have a right and duty to abolish the whole rotten thing.

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    "22. The FCC handing over the peoples airwaves to the Global Corporations."

    The government allows companies to bombard your property with radio waves. If you put an antenna on your property to intercept those waves that do not have your permission to be there you have to pay for them. If you don't pay you can get in trouble from the waves that don't have your permission to hit you.

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    Connie, if people outside this country would read this list then they declare us absolutely "nuts". I'm affraid we will lose quit a few trading partners because of it. Yes as Trump says: "All of this will make America great again" thus become an "believer" and wave your flag or join the "church or army" then you're safe.
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    Dutch, is there anything in that list that is untrue!? I believe there are very few Americans who even understand what a Republic is suppose to be and those that do know that being a Patriot requires one to fight against everything this evil, corrupt degenerate called Trump stands for.