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Flurry of opinions but missing point.

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    In the last week I have seen a flurry of well thought out articulated opinions but nobody has addressed how to repair what lost the election. The dying economy. What that leads me to believe is everybody is doing well and don't think there is a problem with the dwindling economy. 2008 was a disaster and all the conditions that created it are in play and developing. Want to lose another election then keep on ignoring the seriousness of money being attracted to non productive investesting. FDR created a system that put money to work from an economy of the late 20's that is very similar to the economy today. The Democratic party needs to focus on getting money into the hands of the lower classes. They will spend it and not save or invest it. That will recreate a revolving economy around consumables. The more they spend the more they will make and the economy will come to life. Keep on admiring and supporting the status quo and the hard times of the lower classes will work its way up. Being satisfied with what you have is narrow minded and that is not how the people at the top think. They want more money all the time. And that hoarding of money is killing a real economy of trading in goods and services. Money was meant to facilitate trade. It was not meant to be hoarded to kill trade. That should be the new Democratic Party, make money work.