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Enough is enough: End Superdelegates

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    No matter which party you belong to, if 2016 taught us anything it's that 'party elders' should not be involved in choosing Presidential candidates. Establishment Republicans thought Trump could never win and establishment Democrats thought Hillary couldn't lose. On the Republican side, Trump's supporters were able to overpower the establishment and win despite interference. On the Democrat side, however, Superdelegates ensured that party loyalty would supersede the will of the people.

    It's time to level the playing field so that in 2020, rather than yet again have two horrible candidates to choose from, we can ensure that the DNC stays OUT of the decision.

    Please sign this petition and take the first step towards repairing our system:


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    Secretary Clinton would have still won the Democratic Primary regardless.

    I'm rather ambivalent about Super Delegates because they have never overruled Democratic primary voters.