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Why do Republicans want the Presidency.

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    Why do Republicans feel the need to have the Presidency? There can be no question that they get everything they want through lobbying and congressional influence. They criticize regulations while getting all the regulations they want passed. Regardless who is President they don't suffer, they actually improve their conditions every year. So why do they need the Presidency? Is having everything so not enough that they have to force austerity on the lower classes?
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    No Chet, it is as always through history; "power over the people" as well "huge ego's" In an two party system then automatically the opposite party always wants to be extreme to show off against the other one; it is called "polarization"

    The main problem in this country, as I said a million times that they refuse to accept common sense rules as other countries have: Like just "votes' count, without injecting other things or authorities; second have an "multi party" government; of at least 5 parties; third revamp the Constitution (or get rid of it) which does not work in 2016. ; Fourth set up an parlementary system to govern. Copy things what "work" from other countries instead of inventing the wheel over and over again.

    Of course my suggestions never will be implemented so the "shit" will continue until we have become as Puerto Rico.( bankrupt) as well.