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How I would run for President

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    This is how I would run for President in 2020.

    My Name is Andrew Charles Richard William Evans, I was Born on August 11th, 1986 in the City of Philadelphia, State of Pennsylvania, My race is White, My Gender is Male, My Ethnicity is Half English and Half French, My family on my Father's side came to America in the 1870s shortly after the American Civil War Ended.

    I have Two sisters, and no brothers... and I'm naming my Sister Sharon as my Vice President running mate.

    I am a Democrat, I am Honest... and I am here to make America REALLY great Again.

    And this is how I'm going to do it.

    I'm going to Strengthen the Civil Rights Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Affirmative Action policies and I'm going to Bring back Obamacare regulation for private insurance, and create a National Healthcare Plan Managed and Staffed by the University of Pennsylvania and its world renowned Hospital, and the Mayo Clinic, and administered through the United States Department of Health.

    Forget Common Core... and forget Rednecks too... We're going to have one education system nationally ran by the United States Department of Education, direct, in fact... you call me collect about my plan, because I'm going to collect the taxes for it from the rich.

    I'm going to Create the North American Union and Adopt the Amero.

    I'm going to join the Commonwealth of Nations.

    I'm getting rid of the Death Penalty.

    I'm going to Consolidate and modernize Amtrak, Greyhound, American Airlines and Yellow taxi into one National Public Mass Transit system that takes you anywhere and everywhere you need or want to be, for free.

    And the rich is going pay for it.

    And I'm going to raise the basic majority Age from 18 to 21, based on Science instead of rhetoric, and the drinking age will be 25.

    We need modernization like that because of the size of our population.

    As part of Civil rights I'm also going to ban Hate Speech, and crack down on intrusions of our personal freedom by religious nutbags, and yes you heard me correctly... religTARDED nutbag Yahoos... they're getting off our backs permanently.

    I also like a strong military, and the rich is going to pay for that too.

    The poor and working class will pay NOTHING in Taxes, people won't start paying taxes until they are Upper middle class and wealthier.

    And I'm putting an end to coal and fossil fuel, we will be fueling our homes with Wind power and solar power and Geothermal Power.

    And the retarded rednecks down AlabamaLand, and West Virginia can go get a modern job like everybody else in history did.

    And I will not work across the isle, I'm sick of Repukes and I know you are too, so I'm here to help.


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    Let me help you by offering a streamlined platform. Consider the old addage: "A rising tide lifts all boats". Simply focus on human rights and mandate people and money are resources. That way instead of trying to fix all the results of a bad system you go straight to the source of problems.