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The power of propaganda

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    Hillary to took the popular vote and Trump took the electoral votes and that is how that war criminal Bush got elected. America really needs to get rid of that antiquated electoral vote system and select its Presidents by popular vote.

    One can only conclude that America's Orwellian World obsessing on Trump for 2 years and giving him free air time worth billions was the main reason this racist, women hating, lunatic con artist got to be President of the United States .

    There is another reason Trump won and that is the fact that those swing states had never recovered from the loss of millions of good paying manufacturing jobs and these voters were mad as hell at a government that made this economic tragedy possible and didn't give a tinkers damn about their struggles to live on that poverty stricken minimum wage or total lack of any kind of jobs available.

    Unfortunately there was another reason Trump won and that was when he kept playing that racist card and people looking for scapegoats for their troubles found it easy to embrace his racist message.

    How sad to realize that Archie Bunker is still alive and well in America.

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    Connie, I agree with most that you said but the US govt. Owned no factories and get no credit for jobs leaving. Wealthy factory owners anxious to pay slave wages get that credit/responsibility.

    Many reasons that we have an under acheiving class of people. pr, mentioned how the Democratic party didn't reach them. You can bet that is a priority going forward. They delivered the presidency with no clear idea about if or how they'll get any assistance. My bet is that while appreciative, Trump has already forgot that they exist.

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    The U.S. Government passed those trade agreements because that is what the Robber Barons wanted and those trade agreements destroyed millions of jobs in America and in other countries and instead of creating ways to employ these Americans by funding programs to rebuild Americans infrastructure that is falling apart the U.S. Government told these Americans we don't give a damn about your problems. Bernie Sanders did care about these people and he won their votes and when Trump came along and said he would put them to work they believed him and that is why Trump took those swing states. If the Democratic Party had chosen Bernie the Democrat instead of Hillary the Corporatist then Bernie would now be President of the United States.
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    Coonie, If you challenge the electoral college then it would follow that the Senatorial Representation would be challenged. 38,802,500 people in California only get two senate votes while 584,153 people in Wyoming get two senate votes. 19,402,250 Californians only get 1 Senate Vote but 292,076 Wyomingians?? get 1 Senate vote.