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sigh of relief

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    There is now an enormous national sigh of relief moving across the land because we the people no longer have to listen to that Orwellian World of Stupid obsessing on that two year old spoiled brat's babbling his bubbled brained lunatic ravings for two years.

    The fact that any American who was interested in hearing these two Presidential Candidates views on the issues that really matter to the American people or how these candidates plan to resolve America's serious problems never got a clue from that Orwellian World of the absurd and we can thank the FCC for allowing those Robber Barons to take over America's mass news media and doing what it does best by leaving the American people ignorant, dumbed down, uninformed, misinformed and clueless about what is really going on in that warmongering, corrupt, lawless, criminally dysfunctional, fascist oligarchic plutocracy.