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    Matthew Yglesias, Vox, November 2, 2016: Mass media has utterly failed to convey the policy stakes in the election

    Yglesias addresses an issue that we have discussed before in this website. The for profit media has failed to inform the public of the policy issues of the day critically important to the future of our country. Instead they are opting for what I would call tabloid journalism. As Yglesias points out, "A recent study showed that network television news has dedicated more minutes to Hillary Clinton’s email server than to all policy issues combined."

    The fact that the race is close as it is a testament to the success of the for profit media in sensationalizing trivial stuff that doesn't matter to the well being of our country. That and the success of Republicans to fear monger and distort. The Republican establishment has a friend in the corporate media that needs a close race to maximize their profits.

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    You just don't get it. You heard the story about the guy that had all positive policies and he ended up on a cross. Trump started out day one saying he would keep American's wages lower. You still can't accept the dangerous phenomenon of Trump's attraction. You hold the answer to Trump's success.
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    Schmidt, as I said many times the "media" is owned by a couple of billionaires; one of them is not even an American. Only "money' and "sensation" counts, nothing else. Sorry this is the American way and will be their downfall. Just look at this whole election; it shows exactly what I've said so many times on why this country is doomed. Education here is optional; like Jared claimed he had an good education, but does not know if it is any good, if you were only educated on this "island" with the blinders on. Yes it is an "banana republic". The "media" here kind of sets the tone for your education; at an given moment you start "thinking" like any "deplorable" American. Luckily my brain refuses to do so, because of an "worldwide" education. Obama luckily has done the same and was educated in Indonesia as well. Why do you think Trump has come this far, if you are aware of what the guy is all about? Sorry an very dumb not properly educated society.