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Trump in a word, disgusting

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    Trump is disgusting

    Used his wealth and power to abuse women. There are laws that deal harsher with people in power abusing trust. Trouble is people in power use that power to avoid problems. I still wish Hillary had gone high when Trump went low. I think if she had been quiet after his apology she would have avoided the Bill stuff. Nobody is going to let go of Trump's disgusting abuse of women so she didn't need to respond and open the discussion. There is talk of even worse tapes of Trump and even more recently his behavior on the apprentice. And the bigger picture is Trump's abuse of power although more sensational with women surly extends into business. I have had a couple of customers that live to get over on people. Trump can do that in business because people will always want his business. But in government people won't have to put up with him. Both parties are against him so that already makes him a negative president. Bad maybe worst part of that is he may become a rogue president. He already is not in touch with reality so there is no idea how he may react. Hillary should put that out. He is too disliked to work with congress so that makes him to dangerous to be President.