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Stumpf's scam

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    U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren grilled Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf for his involvement in a bank scam that netted Stumpf $120 million. Senator Warren suggested the FBI should investigate this scam and prosecute those involved.

    U.S. Senator Elisabeth Warren was a law professor and is no doubt realizing by now that teaching law and prosecuting criminals are to very different things. The truth is: the rule of law in America only applies to the poor and minorities and like all those previous banksters and investment swindlers who have stolen and are still stealing billions/millions and who have never seen the inside of a jail and neither will Mr. Stumpf.

    U.S. Senator Warren should write an honest book about how really corrupt, unjust and unfair America's legal systems have become and how these legal systems can be reformed.

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    I think this should be considered as a big deal. It's centered around dishonest abuse of the customers of this bank. After restitution, these customers should take their business elsewhere. The attorney general should find the most harsh possible charges to wage against them. Persons who made this choice should go to jail. I am sick of the fact that white collar criminals never go to jail. That is just wrong. Nothing to deter the next group.