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Trump's taxes

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    "Because his first and only concern will be his profit motive."

    That is it totally. And he will say anything no matter how he contradicts himself. First he said he will keep wages low to attract jobs. Now his jobs are good paying jobs. He lies with a smile when somebody told him how low wages was a losing statement. When the margin is biggest overseas you won't see him do a single thing to bring jobs back.

    He and his group is so stupid that they turned the only good thing he possibly had into a liability. A lot of his top management are women. Good. But then he shows the greedy sexist side. Talking about managers. He said men are better but hire a woman and she is better than ten good men to keep her job. His words. Nothing could be more sexist, discrimanatory or opportunistic .

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    Donald Trump promotes women. That doesn't mean he respects ...
    Chicago Tribune › opinion › commentary
    Jun 21, 2016 - Trump believes that "men are better than women, but a ... than ten good men " something he once told a female supervisor.
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    I recently read that this "builder" has most often used steel from China. That hurts him in Ohio and Pennsylvania.
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    Regarding paying taxes I and my tax preparer spend a lot of time trying to minimize my tax obligations thru lawful deductions, if I am eligible to take these deductions why shouldn't I? And the way Congress throws these tax dollars around, as if it were their own money, I desperately need to pay as little as I can legally, so I do take advantage of any and all deductions that I am entitled, that does not make me unpatriotic but a smart taxpayer, right now because of the passing of my step-father, who had no children but left his entire estate to me and brother, my mother having already passed, as did my brother I am now involved in the Probate process and as the Executor of his Will, I still have to pay taxes, Inheritance Tax, the subsequent transfer of ownership fees, lawyer fees,plus still unmentioned fees and taxes, I am trying now to lessen the impact on the Estate by thru as many legal means as I can, does this make me a criminal, of course not, if it's allowed I will take it. Can you show me anyone who does not take advantage of any legal means to lessen their own tax obligations?
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    Over the past decade banks have forgiven about $287 million in loans from Donald Trump, after he failed to repay the debts. Not only did Trump benefit from banks approach to his failing businesses, a New York Times bombshell report reveals, but it appears the President failed to pay taxes on the forgiven loans, which the IRS sees as income.

    “Big banks and hedge funds gave him years of extra time to repay his debts,” the Times reports. “Even after Mr. Trump sued his largest lender, accusing it of preying on him, the bank agreed to lend him another $99 million — more than twice as much as was previously known — so that he could pay back what he still owed the bank on the defaulted Chicago loan, records show.”

    The New York Attorney General is reportedly now looking into those debts and filings, which the Times says are primarily tied to a 92-story Chicago skyscraper known as the Trump International Hotel & Tower.

    A previous New York Times report reveals Trump paid just $750 in taxes in 2016 and 2017, and nothing in taxes for a 15-year period surrounding those dates.

    Next year about $400 million in Trump’s debts reportedly come due.

    After January 20, this is what Trump is faced with:

    See the source image

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    And the stupid people here still elect such an "crook"; what is wrong with the people here and their "broken" system?

    In any country where they allow this , it will mean that the "system" is completely "bonkers" and we may as well make an pact with Angola or something. Shaking my old head; and they call this country still "number one"? Yes in corruption and stupidity!!!

    Arizona, why don't they show this on TV? Why does the Lincoln project use this in their adds?

    They should show this throughout the whole week every day!!!

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    While there are are mutliple selfish reasons why Trump wants to be re-elected, and at the top of that list is legal protection that comes with being president. Its a sure bet that Trump will pardon himself before leaving off, or take the bold move and resign a few days before Jan 20th, have Pence take office and immediately pardon him, otherwise the FBI might be waiting outside the WH steps to arrest him before he flees the country. Nobody will be surprised if Trump and his family suddenly relocate somewhere outside the US.