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How smart phones are affecting the economy

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    MSN Money: The staggering collapse of the camera market

    Traditional camera manufacturers, “should be worried,” says Andy Yang, CEO of photo sharing site 500px. “The software keeps getting better on smartphones. Within 10 years, there will probably be a convergence," between what DSLRs can do and what's possible on smartphones.

    No surprise to anyone with a smartphone in one's pocket: people share photos far differently than they did a decade ago, and that's changed the hardware they need. Rather than downloading photos from a camera card and then posting to a shared website — or even more archaic, printing a roll of film — billions of consumers simply point, tap and share via text or app.

    Sales for compact point and shoot cameras have collapsed to an estimated 13 million in 2016 from a peak of 121.5 million in 2010, according to the Camera and Imaging Products Association.

    This article caught my eye because it is a perfect example of how technological change and market conditions can drive a product and the manufacturers to scale back production and lay-off people unless the company has anticipated the changes and capitalized on the changing trends. Some companies are innovative and survive. Some die. It's the way it has always been throughout history.

    People move on...they migrate, much the same as my parents did in 1952 when market changed the economics of their existence. Nobody played the blame game. We just adapted. My Dad learned new skills.

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    Good pictures are a function of a lot of pictures. To prove the point good cameras can shoot multiple exposures with slight variations of selected parameters to capture the best picture. My DSLR hasn't been out of the office for years. Look at what the camera phone has done for the news and MSM. Quality takes a backseat to getting a scoop. Getting a scoop means money. That's what it is all about.

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    The dirty cops (redundant) hate that this new technology shows them as dirty scum bags about twice a week. Good thing since they always forget to turn on the video cameras they wear. Things that make you go hmmmm.
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    Times are changing as pointed out in the Reich post. The right wing defense of robots and automation is crumbling to the sound of Bernie's trumpets bringing forth new conversations. Seems like unemployment being solved by starting your own business is just as shortsighted as all the shortsighted Republican excuses.

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    I have a nice DSLR Nikon I bought a few years ago but I don't even take it with me on vacations anymore much less use it at all. My iPhone takes photos that are almost as good and it's always in my pocket. I threw my watches all away also - no need for them anymore!
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    To get the same features in a NIKON that a good smart phone has would cost $7000 or more. And it would still stay home.

    If you don't use a pro/semi pro camera every day you have to relearn it when you do use.