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The real reason Hillary Clinton is disliked

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    There are plenty of reasons why Hillary Clinton is disliked:

    -She's a woman. The American people dislike female leadership. Even other women tend to dislike it:

    -Her campaign message lacked a central theme. The slogan "Stronger together" epitomizes a strategic failure in that if you build your strategy around everything, you effectively build it around nothing. Maybe she should have focused on her base instead of courting neocons.

    -In contrast with Donald Trump, the media honed in on one specific criticism of Clinton: the e-mails. The media drove it in like a stake through her heart, while Trump's countless scandals acted as a bed of needles. His flaws were so many that he could rest on the distributed pressure.

    -She represented the Democratic establishment. There was little she could actually do to correct the blemishes of Obama's administration as secretary of state. Yet, the American people scapegoated her anyway.

    -She's a career politician with a history of corporatism and pay-to-play politics. She tends to come off as stilted, and even the Podesta e-mails took into account that millennials aren't too fond of political pretenses.

    Obviously, this isn't to say that Trump is any better, and I happen to like Clinton as a person. But outside of neoliberal circles and feminists, she really struggled to invoke raw enthusiasm.

    To be honest, if she were a man, her campaign would have played out much differently.

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    I apologize for not talking about Ms Clinton but this thread ended up with about 50% content revolving around coal. One of the reasons for black lung and health warnings on fresh fish.

    Thank you France for phasing out coal within a short period of time. If we were only as smart.

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    Early on her campaign, Hillary Clinton went on a listening tour across rural America, She made the decision that if she was elected, she would be president for "all Americans" and not just set of selected demographics. She listened and listened, but the media largely found these sessions red meat in them.

    Then she put everything she learned into a comprehensive website ( detailing the problems and her proposed solutions. There was not a single topic or issue that she shied away from. It was all there for the experts to vet and criticize. She responded to the critique and tweaked her various proposals to make them even better. As she hit the campaign trail in earnest and in the debates, she continually made reference to to learn more about her proposals. Again the media largely ignored everything in her was boring compared to the red meat stuff Donald Trump was offering on a daily basis and getting free air time from the media.

    I supported Hillary Clinton largely because of her proposals and vast experience, not for her charisma (or the lack of it). Plus she is really a critical favorite wonk in this complex world. I will fully acknowledge that there were many other factors and people that contributed to her defeat, but the mainstream media played a key role. In the end it was a perfect storm for Trump with everything falling into place. Ignorance and hate won the day and the media played a part in both.