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The debate has to do what?

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    First, I am not trying to win approval on this sight, I am trying to win an election for the Democratic Party. A lot of valuable time has been lost by missing the point of my analysis and recommendations. So listen to this and then make up your mind what has to be. The election is in the hands of sway and undecided voters. What we know about the undecided is that nothing they already know has picked a candidate. The debate last night had to show something new. The negatives of Trump and the positives of Hillary were the same last night. So zero for both sides. What was most memorable about Trump was the lost jobs and deteriorating cities. What was most memorable about Hillary was her composure. Trump boasts about being a good business man. Hillary should have agreed and said that is why he makes his products overseas and asked how is that thinking going to help the US working people. Trump said Hillary hadn't done anything in 30 years. Hillary could have said she had been fighting against people like Trump who do anything for profit including moving jobs overseas. Hillary presented herself wonderfully but Trump will probably get a bump from the debate. Bottom line is it is still a close race. I have proposed actions that might fight Trump's Charisma. Hillary needs to break away from the campaign that is losing the election. Trump is blaming Hillary for 30 years of abuse by businessmen like him on the country. She should have nailed him with that.

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    Did you watch an entirely different debate than the rest of the country? Trump looked like a buffoon and was widely mocked on every single news source and social media outlet out there.

    Seriously man -- you honestly think that was a close debate?

    Two polls showed Trump won: Drudge Report and Fox News online. Drudge is a far-right internet website and Fox "News" online obviously is not a website many left of center or independents tend to visit often.

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    CNN/ORC Poll - Clinton 62%/Trump 27%

    Public Policy Polling (PPP) - Clinton 51%/Trump 40% (Note - PPP has a long history of showing a challenger (Trump) winning the first debate, which did not happen this time around.)

    I think it's also important to understand that online polls are not scientific. Someone can vote 20,000 times if they wanted to.

    I'm by no means a huge fan of the way scientific polling is done because it largely relies on landline telephone responses, which millions upon millions of people - especially millennials - don't have. Millennials also are far less likely to answer their cell phones if it's from a number they don't know. But I trust scientific polling, even with all of its faults, over online polls.

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    jaredsxtn, You are missing the point. Trump acted like he always acted. Sneering, making faces, exagerating, contradicting known facts like he had always done. These are accepted features of a guy running neck and neck. Nothing new to the undecideds. Certainly things for anti Trump people to cheer about but nothing new.

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    As you said:

    "I'm worried about someone who maybe isn't in love with Secretary Clinton, but at least has some rational thoughts that pop up into their heads every now and then."

    That is the election decider.

    Look at polls of independents.

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    Chet Ruminski Wrote: Look at polls of independents.

    I have.

    Clinton 54%/Trump 33%

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    Thats great. Hillary wins and I'll quit worrying about it.
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    I don't know the exact number but in tonight's news it was said that trump (not worthy of a cap T) interrupted Clinton (approx) 27 times in 26 minutes last night. He was probably coached to do so because to his sheep it seemed like a "strong man". In my and many others opinions it just made him seem rude and without manners. Trump lost but we will see if it nets any positive results. I'm skeptical at best, but hopefully we will that some aren't charmed by the snake oil salesman. "Trust me"
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    TJ said:

    "Trump lost but we will see if it nets any positive results."

    That is what is dangerous about Trump. He has not said one positive thing or something that didn't contradict what he said in the past yet he has grown steadily in the polls. That defies logic. But thinking along those lines all the excitement being expressed about Hillary's debate performance may be what pushes some votes to Trump. Maybe last night did something for Hillary but according to what has happened so far I think she needs to come up with something radical to break Trump.