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Debate tonight

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    We're getting close to the first debate. The good side is that "he" should not be able to do the 30 second clip Or snap shot where he is ranting and insulting like a rude ten year old. I hope the media steps up and attempts to be factual. I know Obama lost to Romney in the first debate 4 years ago. The election won't be won or lost tonight. I would love for our team to do well tonight. I am wearing blue because I am superstitious. Hopefully tonight the vile, self centered man with no class or dignity will melt like the old witch of the west near the end of the Wizard of Oz. They say 100 million may watch. Wow !

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    What I'm most concerned about is how the media will judge the debate. Will they call Trump the winner if he is just able to get through the entire debate no matter how much he lies? Will they hold Secretary Clinton to an entirely different standard because they have all election season already?

    I think we all know the answer to both of those questions.

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    What can you expect from a campaign where people were shamed out of the race. I don't care about Jeb Bush but disqualifying him and to some extent others by insult and innuendo is an insult to our system.