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thin blue line

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    The National Police Union has decided to endorse Trump.

    Those holding that thin blue line between order and anarchy have made an odd choice for President since the last thing Trump is interested in doing is upholding law and order in America.

    Trump would be in jail right now for his crooked dealings if he were a poor minority.

    Trump has been busily sowing the seeds of hate and fear and that bitter harvest is already bearing fruit with those on going attacks on Muslims and minorities.

    There is no question that Trump is an evil creature, a soulless degenerate and will only spread lawlessness, violence, cruelty, hate and fear across America and other countries of the world.

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    Today I agree with you. You're correct.
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    We shouldn't be too surprised considering this union hasn't supported a Democratic nominee in 25 years. Secretary Clinton knew they would never endorse her, so she didn't even bother responding to their questionnaire until weeks after they requested.

    For whatever reason, police tend to vote Republican. Maybe it's because Democrats tend to call them out for their inherent racial biases and disproportional use of force against minorities. Or maybe it's because Democrats want to hold murderous cops accountable for killing unarmed American citizens.

    I have a feeling this endorsement won't mean a thing other than stoking Trump's already bloated ego.

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    Guess, like most cops, they forgot their real job is "To serve and protect"?

    It really is a thin blue line between the police and the policed.