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Screwed up Pentagon

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    For the "Xth" time the US screwed up again in their forever non-ending meddling in foreign countries. Now the US killed at least 86 Syrians soldiers and called it an "mistake". The Russians are now roaring mad as well Assad. When is either Obama or someone else controlling the Pentagon? They just do as they like; yes the "generals' are in charge; not the President.

    Kerry worked his ass off to get an moment of "time out" (cease fire) but the US arrogance ruined these efforts again. If I was Kerry, I would be roaring mad at this stupidity.

    How is an Hillary or Trump going to control this "powerhouse" called Pentagon, if we can't do it now.

    This has to stop, otherwise the middle east will eventually lead to WWIII . Stupidity reigns; not brains.