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    You won't find the following information in that mindless void called America's Orwellian World.

    For generations the U.S. Government has been working for the Military Industrial Complex and that is why America has been at war for generations and it is not for American security but for war and arms profits in the billions each year.

    Here is an example of what is really going on in that evil empire called the U.S. Government: Hillary Clinton as Sec of State was deeply involved in getting the Saudis billions in advanced weapons systems plus the U.S. Military and civilian contractors to maintain and support the use of these systems.

    The Saudis are now using these weapon systems with support from the U.S. Military to annihilate the people and cities of Yemen and the war crimes have been appalling and the U.S. Congress and America's legal systems do nothing to stop this carnage and bring to justice these war criminals and for generations now the U.S. Government has been destroying and obliterating many countries for profit.

    The Saudis have given millions to the Clinton Foundation and to their campaigns. These kinds of conflicts of interests are rife in the U.S. Government and just another reason to abolish this warmongering, lawless, corrupt oligarchic plutocracy.

    The U.S. State Department needs a new title; "The U.S. Department of Wars and Arms" whose main goal is promoting and selling wars and arms all over the planet.

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    Connie, Sadly Americans don't care about citizens in Yemen. They just don't. If asked, most would need a few seconds to find the middle east on a map and they probably have no idea Yemen is adjacent to Saudi Arabia. Maybe the girl you intend to vote for (Stein) could do something to fix that problem. I seriously doubt it though.
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    Tobias ten Brink's book "Global Political Economy and the Modern State System" does talk about how arms impacts an economy and also inter-state and intra-state relations.

    A nation's ability to project force plays a role in its relations politically and economically. Such a role must be discussed. Unfortunately the people of this country are awash, willingly, in militarism and rah-rah patriotism.

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    Connie; this country is going down the tubes because of all of this; the Pentagon is actually the White House; they are the "boss" because no one dares to go against them. Why do you think they support Trump, because he promises expansion of the military, so they can squander even more money or "loose" it somewhere.

    Our meddling around the world has to stop; the more we keep doing the things you describe, then this country will automatically end up as "Rome" did. Even an Gary Johnson, did not know where Aleppo is, let alone that Trump knows who lives there. But yeah, our military protects the world, but not us from them or local dumb heads.