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Is anything going good for Hillary right now?

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    Trump has caught up with Hillary in almost all polls. There doesn't seem to be any energy in her campaign. She has raised more money but is unable to change her perception of untrustworthiness. Nothing seems to be sticking to Donald trump neither Trump University, neither Trump Model Management, Trump Foundation donation to Pam Bondi or non-release of his tax returns. If things keep going this way is there any scope of Hillary winning the election?
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    She's lacking one thing that Trump has. It's crucially important to many Americans. It sums this whole election up and this country deserves this asshole if they can't grow up. I'll take the idiot male who's never done a good thing in his life. An idiot who's been disrespectful towards - well everyone except white men is the mindset of his flock of uneducated sheep.