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The Iran debacle

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    jaredsxtn Wrote:
    Dutch Wrote: Jared; Schmidt posted several reply's; my reply was not related to the assassination he wrote about but an memo before that. About rights on the world seas and waterways.

    You copied his post and then replied to it in the same way I copied yours and am replying to it.

    Dutch Wrote: Sure there is an agreement about that Strait of Hormus; however it does not say that the US is the one who controls such. If so then it certainly will say, it can patrol only and protect the "ships" who want passage in the shipping "lane"(thus not close to the Iranian 18 mile zone). We do that on purpose to irritate the Iranians; just to see how far we can go. That is the issue.

    No, that is not the issue. There are international laws governing the seas. The US doesn't control anything other than its own territorial waters. It patrols various spots of the globe in the same way Russia, China, and countless other countries patrol various spots of the globe.

    We have alliances and collective defense treaties with numerous countries where our military's are legally obligated to coordinate with each other and state that an attack on one country is an attack on the other.

    Let me see if I can predict your response to that fact...

    America forced every single country to sign those numerous treaties. America is the devil. Damn America.

    I never seem to read any outrage from you about Russian aircraft flying into American airspace or Russian Navy ships testing how far they can get inside of our territorial waters before we escort them out. Where is your vitriol about them meddling where they don't belong?

    Hell - I'm sure you would blame America if Russia sunk an American ship off the coast of San Diego because our military is too big and we deserve it.

    Typical; you are unable to few things while standing in someone's other shoes; an typical US handicap. Try for an change to think on how "others" are affected by US dominance and arrogance for a change. Everything the US does gets your approval; we call that an hypocritical/indoctrinated way of thinking. About your example; what do you think we would do if an Chinese or Russian ship would enter the Gulf of Mexico without announcement?What are we doing patrolling the Chinese "islands" which they built without our consent. Wow, we built drilling rigs all over without consent, even in the Artic beyond the 18 mile limit.