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Hillary's meeting with Black Lives Matter

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    Check out the cell phone video at Democracy Now.

    I think the former First Lady and Secretary of State handled herself very well. She was Obama-like, talking on her feet about complex public policy issues and racism in society.

    The activists seemed more out to confront Clinton on her past sins, rather than talk about the future.

    She talked candidly and showed real human emotion. Took some punches and pushed back.

    She called herself a sinner. She admitted fault. What she most wanted to talk about was the path forward.

    In short, she was Presidential. I say this as a Clinton critic.

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    I used to like Democracy Now, but lately Amy Goodman and her ilk have transformed the program into "trashing Hillary". She seems to have some personal animosity towards Clinton that is hard to disguise.
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    The male BLM activists at the end of the video seemed to be confused and unprepared, but Hillary's response will still raise eyebrows. Could have gone better, but I think there's no harm in what Clinton said given the awkwardness and sullenness of the questions. In the end, she admitted sin and expressed fealty to the BLM movement, while asking for their help to get the policy right.

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    Hillary Clinton has a mile long resume of progressive achievements yet those on the far left applying purity tests seem obsessed with Hillary bashing. Well not everyone. Here's a good article in Rolling Stone.

    Rolling Stone, August 11, 2016: Hillary's New Deal: How a Clinton Presidency Could Transform America

    Amy Goodman should read the Rolling Stone.