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Advantages to being Human

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    I was talking about evolution and I was asked what physical advantages do Humans have, compared to other Animals.

    So here is my list of Advantages.

    Compared to all other Mammals, Humans are the only ones who are truly Bipedal, this saves energy, allowing for the development of the most definitive characteristic of Humans, the famous Brain.

    Humans have the advantage of being the only truly carnivorous Primates, this gives us both an ecologic niche that we don't have to share, and gives us the ability to make and use weaponry.... oh and by the way, it also gives us the sharpest eyesight and color vision of all carnivores.

    Compared to all other mammals, we have the lowest body temperature, allowing us to further save energy, and we also have the most efficient and sophisticated means of both perspiration, and releasing internal gasses also saving us energy and giving us the greatest endurance.

    Compared to all other mammals, humans can walk the furthest distance in a single day, especially compared to other primates because of our bodily structure.

    Compared to other animals, Humans are the most various in body size, due to the intelligence to leave Darwinism to the Annals of natural history, and the primitive animal kingdom... instead mating with people that we personally like for a myriad of reasons, and the largest and the strongest of us are no weaker than any other large Animal, on average.

    Compared to other Animals, people can thrive everywhere on earth, simply by changing their lifestyle and their expectations, unless special biological circumstances prohibit it for an individual.

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    Forget it; humans are animals; both get born and both die; only the "human" animal destroys its own environment and perhaps its own species; real animals don't.
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    SandyLady -- You have a good perspective on several traits of humans. I might suggest Yuval Noah Harari's book, Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind.

    It's an easy read (but heavy book for bedtime reading) providing his perspective on how Sapiens evolved from hunter gatherers to modern day "law and order humans". Take a quick look at the Amazon reviews at the above link. I think - from what little I know of you - that you will enjoy reading it.

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