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    lonely bird Wrote:
    SandyLady Wrote:
    lonely bird Wrote:

    Define justice. Better yet, point at it and say"that is justice." Define order, security, peace, reasonable prosperity.

    for that matter define freedom. And it ain't economic freedom. Read Wolfgang Streeck's "Buying Time" for some insight into the incompatibility of capitalism and democracy. Von Hayek and company equate freedom with economic freedom when in reality capitalism requires democracy to exist but autocracy in the form of rule by economic technocrats to thrive for the capitalist. Von Hayek and company require government to not intervene but in the case of establishing laws and a legal system to protect private property. Beyond that? Nothing. You want clean water? Too damn bad. It would be an onus on the private sector unless government stepped in to force the issue.

    as for holding government hostage conservatism has done that for 36 years ever since the election of the idiot Reagan.

    I'm not going to define shit for somebody trying to play dumb.

    You know exactly what I wrote, and that's all that I have to say to you, other than provisions that protect clean water is part of law and order.

    yeah, i know exactly what you wrote, a phucquing pile of word salad. and provisions that protect air and water are not part of law and order.

    you want an example of law and order? poll taxes were a part of law and order. laws forbidding people of different races were law and order. laws preventing labor organizing were law and order.

    i don't play dumb. you come on the board pumping a bunch of crap around and then act all hard ass. big phucquing deal. arkansas sucks, get over it. it is no better than the other 49 states.

    you want to debate and discuss, great. i would love it. you want to blather? you will get no slack here.

    Go fuck yourself.

    I'll have a debate with you by busting your fucking skull.

    You heard what fuck I said, and you know what the fuck it means, shut the fuck up you retard and go fuck yourself.

    Your fucking mom is what sucks.

    How do ya like that bitch boy ?