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Advantages that I have in Arkansas

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    Here are some advantages that I found, to having a Government have as much power as the State of Arkansas has over the Arkansan people.

    1. Violent shows do not come to Arkansas for several reasons, the biggest reason is that it cannot thrive here because the Red Light District nature of it... the Mafia, and Organized crime figures, and Unscrupulous and fraudulent promoters such as Don King and Vince McMahon can't do business here.

    And so there is less violent societal influence coming from things like that.

    2. People don't want to pay high prices for illegal activities because of a lack of quality representation and advocacy nor do they want a face a judge that doesn't care about them, nor a jury that is a conviction machine.

    And so I can walk down the street anywhere here at night, anywhere period.

    Even right clear across the dance floor of a strip club full of what would otherwise be troubled people.

    3. I am unlikely to be injured by a vicious dog, because of reason number 2.

    And so therefore few people have any incentive to buy dangerous breed dogs, and when they do... they have every incentive to highly control the dog.

    And so there are very few of them around.

    And there is no incentive to rid themselves of a dog by simply letting it run away.

    4. It is very easy to dispossess tenants who fail to pay the rent, and the eviction process is done as a criminal offense.

    So the incentive is to pay the rent.