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The Difference between the Suburbs, and Philadelphia

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    First of all the cities that make up Montgomery County have their own mayors.
    They're not governed by the same low quality corrupt guff that governs City of Philadelphia.

    And there is a BIIIIIIIIIGGGGG difference between somebody born and raised in Philadelphia and somebody who drives, or takes the train to Philadelphia to work.

    BIG, HUGE, GIANT... PLANET SIZED difference in the personalities and the inclinations, and the level of tolerance for guff, and the level of guff that they face in their lives.
    There is no comparison between the two, they're not peers.

    And the people from Montgomery County are much more affluent, than the people of Philadelphia County.

    The mayor of Philadelphia and the Mayor of Elkins Park are two VERY different officers, with two very different websites, with two VERY different goals.

    The main differences are that The Mayor of Philadelphia wants to increase opportunity to Philadelphians, who are poor, and sometimes that creates disorder and "red light" conditions.

    Whereas The Mayor of Elkins Park wants to maintain the affluence of HIS city, made up of affluent people, and to keep THEM safe from Philadelphia's guff people with a much higher crime rate.

    Those are simply the differences, even with the two having a mayor of the same political party.

    The Democratic mayor of Elkins Park isn't going to want to talk about welfare, talk about rendering more aid to poor students...

    He or She's going want to talk about how they can do even better than the affluence they already have by rendering aid to their people and to their kind of people, by increasing dress codes, and setting higher academic test score standards, and better qualified teachers and so on...

    The Democratic mayor of Philadelphia isn't going want talk about holding his students to standards that they can't meet, by saying increase the dress codes, increase the grade minimum passing standards etc.