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vulture capitalism

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    The global vulture capitalists are not just content to destroy our planet and Republics since they have also decided privatizing anything and everything is a great way to make big buckies.

    Here are a few examples on how this works; wall street investors invest in financially strapped private and public businesses like fire stations, ambulance services or jails. All these investors care about is making big profits and of course the result is houses burning to the ground or lives lost because it takes so long to reach the problem and then the investors charge the poor home owner who lost his home $50,000 and if he is unable to pay the investors sue him and anyone having the misfortune to need an ambulance is charge $10,000 and of course is sued for nonpayment.

    Anyone who knows anything about those privatized jails knows what hell holes they are.

    These vulture capitalists are shedding the moral and humane fiber of America.

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    Connie it can be summed up as easily as this, the universal answer to most motivation: CFE, cheaper faster easier. CFE is simply streamlining the path to profits.
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    The only way the American people can get rid of vulture capitalism is to abolish the present oligarchic government and replace it with a Republic free of billions in bribe money, corruption, greed and the influence of the Military Industrial Complex.