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the democratic soul ignited

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    For old timers like me who love politics the 2016 Democratic National Convention was a breath of fresh air and brought back memories of past Democratic Conventions in the 50's, 60's, and 70's when the parties young and old alike fought for Civil, Voting, Women's and Gay Rights and the environment and against that war of aggression in Vietnam that was tearing the country apart.

    Bernie Sanders vision for a future America ignited young and old alike from many different parties which resulted in the most successful campaign ever conducted on small contributions.

    When Bernie's followers found out about those DNC emails they were angry and let everyone in that convention center and outside know it.

    A large percent of Bernie's followers were idealistic young people who were unfamiliar with political shenanigans and believed in truth, honesty, justice and fairness and those are exactly the ideals the Democratic Party needs to return to its original goal: fighting for all the American people and the common good.

    Bernie and his followers fought for and got one of the most progressive platforms in the parties history and in so doing passed the torch for truth, justice, honesty and fairness to the next generation who will have to keep that torch lit and bright for years to come.

    Us old timers owe Bernie and his followers a heartfelt thanks for reigniting the soul of the Democratic Party and starting a movement whose main goal is a government of the people, by the people and for the people.

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    Proud to be able to say I agree whole heartedly.