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McMullen and the red state of Utah

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    Apparently the state of Utah has voted republ. for repubs every 4 years since a very very long time ago. A gentleman named McMullen is a morman from Utah and he's trying to provide a new conservative option since most mormans hate Trump. He may win Utah but he won't get on the ballets in enough states to matter. I'll be happy if he takes votes away fom DT and causes him to lose a state that is usually a lock for team red. It's interesting how America is waking up and saying this is really going on.
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    Election Central, August 9, 2016: Evan McMullen for President! (Wait, who?)

    The above link has links to various news sources. Evan McMullen is largely unknown outside of his state of Utah. Having served as a Mormon missionary, he will probably attract votes in Utah. I would love to see him a spoiler for Republicans in Utah much like Jill Stein is actively campaigning in swing states (like my Colorado) trying to be the spoiler for Clinton's election.