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Nina Turner ejected from DNC?

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    There are conflicting reports on Nina Turner supposedly being ousted from the DNC. One report said she was not allowed to speak because of her outspoken criticism of the DNC calling them corrupt. Of course Turner is an MSNBC contributor of sorts and has been allowed to use her bully pulpit MSNBC to regularly bad mouth the DNC and Debbie Wasserman Schultz. If she worked for a major company and was bad mouthing that company daily on TV, they would have fired her long time ago. I guess we'll find out soon enough once Turner gets her story straight.
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    It appears now she was not ejected. That's what the Bernie crowd was first saying. She simply was not allowed to introduce Bernie Sanders to speak. This was probably because the DNC could not trust her to use the podium to make another inflammatory remark against the DNC or Hillary Clinton like she was doing daily on MSNBC.

    Of course, this gave rise to new protests as Nina supporters like Susan Saranden wore buttons, "I'm with Nina" while staging a sit-in at the media tent.

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    Never heard of Nina Turner as I've stopped watching MSNBC (Fix Not news lite) but I think I would like her. We need more people asking the right questions on cable TV, not fewer.